Comana, A Little Piece of Heaven

So you’re out of ideas for the weekend, and staying in Bucharest is just not an option, here’s my recommendation, Comana Natural Park. 

It’s close enough, only 30 km out of Bucharest, and offers nothing but peace and quiet for the entire weekend. 

Parcul Natural Comana, Gabriela Simion, Trip

The park has been declared Romania’s second delta, being home to a total of 131 species of birds, and offering spectacular views, of the lake and forest. 

You can either go hiking or fishing,  rafting or even venture into Comana Adventure Park – where you can climb according to the difficulty level appropriate to your age and skill. 🙂 

Visit Parcul Natural Comana, Gabriela Simion

There is something to do for each and every one, even if all you want to do is sit by the lake and enjoy a picnic.

There is a fee to be paid – because it is after all a reservation. You can find all the details on their website, it’s easy enough. 

Poze Parcul Natural Comana, Gabriela SimionTrenulet Parcul Natural Comana, Gabriela Simion

And in case you are not the picnicking type, rest assured, there is a restaurant serving good food to us lazy ones. 

Amazing Parcul Natural Comana, Gabriela Simion

There is also a small monastery that you can visit, in case you’re into that sort of thing.

So you see, Comana has it all, for both body and spirit, a day or two is all you need to recharge those batteries. Just make sure you bring enough mosquito spray, as the forest and delta are full of them, and innocent bystanders who are just visiting are quite the magnet to these annoying insects. 

Summer Parcul Natural Comana, Gabriela Simion

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