Bruges – A Three Day Fairytale

If you haven’t been to Bruges yet, I think it is high time you corrected the situation. In case you didn’t know – it is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. With its canals and quaint little houses, it is nothing short of a fairy tale set.

Bruges is just one hour away from Bruxelles, and, if I am correct, there is a train leaving from Bruxelles close to every hour. So, it doesn’t come easier than this.

Gabriela Simion Poze Bruges Alb si Negru.jpg
I cannot tell you what is the best time to go, as I have visited Bruges both in summer and winter, and have found it absolutely wonderful both times. If you choose summer, you will be astounded by the pretty flowers in every window of the medieval houses, as you go down the canal  – there are boat rides that shouldn’t be missed.

On the other hand, if you choose to go around Christmas, you will be dazzled by Christmas lights, Christmas trees and the prettiest tree ornament shops there are. You cannot miss them, as these little shops are everywhere, and even if you’re not planning on buying an ornament, you’ll end up getting at least one – in my case five pieces. Of course, there is also window shopping, so you can resume to that.

In any case, the historic center of Bruges has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2000, so there will be plenty to be seen, be it summer or winter. The city hall in the Burg square, the Church of Our Lady, the Belfry of Bruges (a medieval church tower) are but a few of the attractions.

I had forgotten that for which Belgium is best known for – BEER. So, do not forget to try the local beer, especial the one made by Trappist monks – it is exquisite. As is the cherry one – Kriek. Bruges also has a beer museum and a famous brewery – De Halve Maan Brewery that has quite a large selection if local beers.

The food is really good, in keeping with the Belgian tradition, a lot of fries – frittes – and also a lot of meat specialties, and also the famous onion soup. Just try any local dishes to have the complete experience of the place. It would be a pity not to.

So, if you’re looking for a three day getaway, Bruges has got to be the place! Don’t forget about the canal boat rides or the beer – each has its merit. 🙂

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