Romanian traditions on Easter Eggs

Easter Customs and Traditions For Romanians

Spring, April, dyed eggs and plenty of food – that about sums up Easter in Romania.

We love Easter, but then again we love any celebration that implies a hearty meal, and all of our Romanian celebrations go hand in hand with festive meals.

But, more than anything, Easter is about dying eggs. There is even a special day, that is dedicated to this dying process – and that is the last Thursday before Easter weekend. 

So, if you want to celebrate Easter like us, here is what you have to do.

Come Thursday morning,  get your free range (if possible) eggs, and start boiling away. Remember, you will have to boil your eggs for a few minutes extra than you would for a normal breakfast, because you want to be able to use them in the egg cracking contest! The egg cracking contest is probably the best thing about Easter, and it provides good fun for the entire family and friends. But I’ll get to the contest in a moment.

Easter Traditions in Romania

So, back to the boiling process. I would say boil the eggs around 9/10 minutes to be sure. Let them rest to cool down for a good half an hour. Then comes the fun part, actually dying the eggs. You can either get the usual dye, which needs to be preheated, although I recommend using the other one, which dyes the eggs at normal temperatures. That way you can really get your hands dirty without having to worry about getting burnt. You’ll find this dye at your usual grocery place, around Easter time. 

I also like to experiment with colors, mix them up to get different shades and nuances. So, don’t forget some plastic gloves (to avoid  any staining) and start coloring. The dye is not toxic. This cold dye solution does bring the nicest pale colors, so that is normal – don’t expect vibrant tones. If that is what you are looking for, than you should rather go for the hot dye solution.

Now your eggs are done, hopefully by this time some of the Easter feast is ready as well (and stored away in the fridge) and you can have the rest of the day to unwind and get yourself pretty for the celebration and for cooking the rest of the courses (I told you Romanians think big when it comes to festive meals).

Romanian traditions on Easter Eggs

Now, coming back to the egg cracking contest, one of the best parts of our Easter. Some people like to crack their eggs Saturday, at midnight, which is fun, and turns into a midnight snack for the whole family. Although, the real contest takes place Sunday morning, after everyone opens the little treats brought by the Easter bunny. 

Colorful Eggs Easter in Romania, Gabriela Simion

There are no winners or losers in the egg cracking contest. It’s just fun to compete, especially when we know we’re all going to eat to our heart’s content. That’s Easter in Romania, funny, festive, with lots of food and colorful eggs!

Happy Easter everyone!

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